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12.2021 Group Briefing

In 2021, the Far Eastern Department Stores Manufacturers Association rose steadily

Far Eastern Department Stores / Zheng Jiahui
        On October 8, Far Eastern Group Douglas Hsu and Nancy Hsu president led the management team of Far Eastern Department stores to hold the annual Far Eastern Department Stores Manufacturers Association. This year, the venue is also located in Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Taipei, and synchronous video communication on the B1, second and third floors is adopted for the first time to comply with epidemic prevention measures.

        The 2021 Far Eastern Department Stores Manufacturers Association focuses on the theme of "2021 rising with the trend and the wind" to unite the strength of manufacturers' partners and announce the attempt of exceeding the annual performance. The 13 store managers of Far Eastern Department Stores formed a combat team, waved the store flag and entered the site to read out the Zhou Qing declaration. Liu Zhicheng, the planning director, Lin changchen, the chief operating officer and Tang Zhiya's chief financial officer also led everyone to shout the slogan of "2o21, symbiosis and common prosperity, adding bamboo north, taking advantage of the trend and facing the wind, making concerted efforts to reach the standard, rising day by day and making great achievements", With the encouragement of Douglas Hsu and Xu president, it is expected that the 2021 anniversary will rise steadily with the concerted efforts of manufacturers and the promotion of fivefold coupon.


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