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12.2021 Cover Story

Far Eastern International Bank's digital financial e handle cover

Far Eastern Magazine / Editorial Room
376C03        According to the annual report on global Internet community usage published by the British advertising company "we are social", in 2020, the population using the Internet in Taiwan accounted for 86% of the total population. It is a highly popular area of the world's Internet, of which up to 88% are community users, and the average time spent in the community is up to 2 hours a day. Seeing the strong influence of the online community, Far Eastern International Bank actively uses digital technology and media to provide customers with the most intimate services and firmly stick to customers' hearts.

        AI intelligent Xiaole optimizes customer service experience

        The customer service department of the bank often needs a lot of manpower to deal with customer service problems in 24-hour shifts. When the manpower is insufficient or the customer service phone is full, customers often have to wait, which not only wastes time, but also greatly reduces the service experience. In order to solve the pain point, Far Eastern International Bank specially introduced AI intelligent language understanding (NLU) and machine learning technology of IBM Watson to create a new type of AI network customer service - intelligent Xiaole.

        376C01376C04        When fans identify with the brand, they will have a sense of trust in the brand and further develop into support for practical action. On the one hand, Far Eastern International Bank solves customers' problems through digital technology, on the other hand, it also operates a diversified community platform for accurate focus. The editors try their best to attract the attention of users. Despite the rapid progress of science and technology and the continuous change of social media operation mode, Far Eastern International Bank will still strive to convey the freshest information through everyone's favorite platform and become your God teammate on the road of financial management!


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