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02.2022 Group Briefing

Taipei National Highway marathon 313 starts, Etag owners run one kilometer, Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection donate one yuan to push Daoan

Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection / Li junzhang
        The 2022 "Taipei National Highway marathon of facial affirmative action" will start running enthusiastically on March 13. In addition to responding to the sunshine social welfare foundation, the public welfare co organizer of the event, Far Eastern Electronic Toll collection calls on the public to care about their friends and invites the public to protect their roads with their feet: Etag users run every kilometer, Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection donated one yuan to promote dao'an public welfare.

        The "Taipei National Highway marathon" is not only the only "Taipei National Highway marathon" that can run on the national highway in Asia. Along the way, you can enjoy the landmark scenic spots such as Yuanshan Hotel, Taipei 101 and Songshan Airport. It is divided into different groups such as full marathon, half marathon, 10K and 3K (regardless of age), which can meet the needs of all kinds of runners, This year, the registration is open until January 26. The quota is limited. The registration action should be fast!

        Xie Mingfeng, deputy president of Far Eastern Electronic Toll collection, said, "we look forward to driving the healthy atmosphere through the national road running activities. We also invite people to guard dao'an with their feet, increase public welfare, and continue the public welfare spirit of" happy journey and joint cooperation "

        In order to call on Etag owners in Taiwan to respond to the public welfare, Far Eastern Electronic Toll collection took the initiative to launch the activity of "National Road starting #tag out the speed of love". Etag owners who successfully signed up for the "2022 face affirmative sports Taipei National Road marathon" and log in to the designated website The registration receipt number and vehicle number. Each participant only needs to run one kilometer, and the Far Eastern Electronic Toll collection will donate one yuan to guard Daoan.

        In addition, utaggo new members also have the opportunity to draw utaggo car coins equivalent to the registration fee, which can be exchanged for good gifts such as national highway tolls and parking fees. Far Eastern Electronic Toll collection also welcomes Etag owners and utaggo members to go back to their mother's home. On the day of the event, go to the Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection booth to participate in the event, and you can receive epidemic prevention small items. For details, please search the official website of Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection and utaggo and FB fan group.

        Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection reminded that in response to the traffic control of road running events, the North shangxiwu elevated section of National Highway 1 on the day of the event will be controlled from 2 a.m. to 12 noon. Please change to National Highway 1 plane expressway. For the latest road conditions and traffic management information, please dial special line 168 or download 1968 app.

        Note: according to the announcement of the road running Association, this activity is limited to online registration. The registration deadline is 1 / 26. Please go to the online registration area After completing the competition registration form, pay the fee and complete the registration as soon as possible. If the quota is full before the registration deadline, the full date will prevail. Registration will not be accepted. For more information, please go to the official website of 2022 national road race.


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