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05.2022 Cover Story

Far Eastern Department Stores lays the foundation for innovation and change and sustainable operation

Far Eastern Department Stores / Nancy Hsu President

        With the vision of "sustainable for a good life", Far Eastern Department Stores makes good use of the core competence of the enterprise, responds to the six United Nations sustainability development goals (sdgs), and is committed to implementing sustainable actions such as environmental protection (E), social inclusion (s) and corporate governance (G) from the partnership to the government sustainability development goals, Create sustainable value for stakeholders and society, lay a good foundation for sustainable operation of enterprises, and create an excellent benchmark for sustainable operation of department stores.

381D01        As early as 2015, Far Eastern Department stores has established an enterprise sustainability Committee, which is responsible for formulating sustainability vision and strategy and tracking practical performance. At the same time, it also focuses on the direction of sustainable action through regular high-level meetings and management meetings, discusses sustainable issues such as operation services, mall safety, human management, energy and environmental protection, and carries out sustainable management to ensure the effective implementation of various ESG actions, Inject stable development energy into sustainable operation, and then improve the ability to create sustainable value.


        Diversified layout towards all-round retail

        Through the innovation and transformation of keeping pace with the times, Far Eastern Department stores has developed into the fifth generation of stores. The transformation and development of each generation of stores is from the perspective of sustainable operation. With the change of customers' consumption behavior and shopping preferences, they gradually integrate the advantages of physical stores and online shopping, so as to meet the all-round living needs of consumers with all-round retail.

        Adhering to the diversification strategy, Far Eastern Department Stores continued to exhibit its stores. The latest fifth generation store, Far Eastern Department Stores Zhubei store, was put into trial operation on January 14, 2022, adding a new force to the retail layout of Far Eastern Department stores. Showing ingenuity in architecture and design has always been the feature of Far Eastern Department stores. The architectural appearance of Zhubei store takes the Hakka round building as the shape, and the large-area top floor sky garden is full of green. It has won the qualification of "golden" green building certification. The internal design is also specially integrated with the local Hakka culture. It reproduces the simple beauty of Hakka ancient houses and Hakka old streets. Since its trial operation, it has quickly become a hot new tourist attraction.

        Management innovation and sustainable competitiveness

        In the face of major changes in industrial transformation, Far Eastern Department stores has taken the lead in the industry and carried out rapid changes. Since 2018, the management innovation action project has been implemented. Through the cross departmental project organization, specific action plans have been formulated to give full play to management benefits, reduce operating costs and drive the improvement of operating performance. In 2021, we will promote 72 action projects, including digital workshop, system E, operation service, department management, etc., so that far Eastern Department stores can continue to innovate and grow in a changing business environment and maintain sustainable competitiveness.

        Here are two management innovation projects:

        Moving towards agile management and building an action office

        Far Eastern Department stores has been fully launched since the planning action office (EIP) in 2018 in October 2019, allowing all employees and counter staff to work together without location restrictions, so as to effectively improve work efficiency. After more than a year of use, we are used to communicating and working through the action office. In 2021, we continued to integrate 24 sets of application systems, increased the number of electronic forms to 109, and issued 1230 announcements to enable employees to receive work information in a digital environment and improve their mobile productivity.

        Efficiency increase rate of floor patrol inspection in the process of consolidation

        In order to improve the inspection efficiency of the floor management of the branch company, the management unit integrates the inspection forms of engineering, general affairs, labor safety and other categories to avoid duplication and overwork. After actually visiting 5 branches and checking the inspection forms, we merged the current 60 inspection forms into 4 general forms and 34 professional forms according to their functions, reducing the number of forms by 37%, and then implemented 32 of them through the inspection app, making the department store management paperless, mobile and digital.



381D03        Energy saving and carbon reduction department store environmental protection leader

        In order to achieve the goal of environmental sustainability, Far Eastern Department Stores regards "energy conservation and carbon reduction" as the top priority. Since 2015, the energy management team has started to implement various energy-saving planning and management actions and track the implementation results every month. At present, the power consumption of Far Eastern Department stores per NTD1 turnover is 11% lower than that five years ago, and the cumulative carbon reduction in five years is 19808 metric tons, which is equivalent to the annual carbon absorption of 51 Da'an forest parks.


        In August 2021, Far Eastern Department stores, composed of two teams from eight branches, participated in the competition of "commercial service industry * carbon reduction in summer and April" of the Ministry of economy. The competition results were ranked by the total carbon reduction accumulated by saving electricity, saving non electricity (oil or gas) and other carbon reduction measures. Far Eastern Department Stores stood out from many competition teams and won the first and third place in carbon reduction results, Carbon reduction efficiency ranks first in the service industry.

        In response to the challenge of climate change, Far Eastern Department stores also reduces energy consumption and energy consumption costs by introducing management tools. Since 2017, ISO 50001 energy management system, real-time energy performance indicator platform, ISO 14064-1 greenhouse gas inventory and ISO 14046 water footprint inventory have been introduced successively, and they have passed various continuous evaluation and verification in 2021. For each management tool, we choose one branch as the introduction demonstration store, and the other branches will continue to optimize energy use and carry out more effective energy-saving actions through systematic management according to the standard process and diffusion learning mode.

        Happy workplace, healthy and energetic Far Eastern Department Stores

        "Employee health is the key to sustainable development." Far Eastern Department Stores actively creates a healthy, safe and happy workplace and enables employees to achieve a balance between work and life. For three consecutive years, we have promoted the "employee health up" program to care for employees' physical and mental health through 10 health action programs, so that everyone in Far Eastern Department stores can enjoy warmth and happiness Work hard & work happy in a harmonious environment!


        Affected by covid-19 epidemic in 2021, some employees' health activities were suspended from May to November. Despite the reduction in the number of activities, 85% of employees were still very satisfied with the annual health promotion activities through satisfaction survey, and 82% of employees believed that it was helpful to improve their physical and mental health, which shows the excellent results of Far Eastern Department stores in promoting a healthy workplace.

        In order to improve the sports atmosphere of employees, I also encourage my colleagues to establish sports associations such as yoga, aerobics and mountaineering, so as to cultivate the good habit of regular sports, and hope to create a supportive environment, so that the company can become a partner in employee health management, and my colleagues are 100% energetic every day! In 2021, Far Eastern Department Stores won the award of "sports enterprise certification" by sports administration and Ministry of education, which affirmed the excellent effect of the company on employee health promotion.

        Caring for social volunteers, service and love

        Far Eastern Department Stores goes deep into all Taiwan Exhibition stores and has 12 operation bases in 10 cities. We make good use of channel resources and strength, connect local governments, public welfare organizations, counter manufacturers and other resources from all walks of life, pay attention to five major issues such as women and children, environmental protection and rural areas children, and make each store a local "public welfare platform". In the past five years, nearly 2200 public welfare activities have been held, with an average frequency of one public welfare activity a day, Make good use of the enterprise's commitment and care for the society.

        Every year, the employees of Far Eastern Department stores also spontaneously form a volunteer team to participate in a log service by accompanying children, visiting the elderly and responding to environmental protection, so as to enthusiastically enter the society and serve the crowd. Over the past three years, the total number of employee volunteer services has reached 91, with 1372 participants, and the total service hours are 2154 hours. Far Eastern Department stores people have practiced public welfare and connected a better life with love.



        Far Eastern Department stores has been established for 55 years. It is the department store with the longest history, the widest operating base, the most localized and the most continuous transformation in Taiwan. In the future, we will continue to keep pace with the times, innovate and change, connect the international sustainable pulse with six sustainable actions, and implement the sustainable localization action, so as to contribute to the sustainable development of economy, environment and society, create a win-win sustainable growth model and become a leading retail brand for sustainable operation.




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