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07.2022 Group Briefing

OUCC 2022 Shareholders’ Meeting


812B01  The 2022 shareholders meeting of the company (TWSE stock code: 1710) was held today, in which the 2021 business report and financial statements were addressed. Owing to the global capacity launched in 2021, coupled with the unsteady supply of ethylene resulting in the soaring prices, the EG operation performed less than expected; whereas the specialty chemicals and gas businesses, with dynamic rebooting in favor of persistent implementation in high value and green products, both hit the record highs in revenues and earnings. The 2021 consolidated revenue of the company totaled NTD27.48 billion, an increase of 46% comparing to the previous year, net income NTD1.42 billion, of net income rate 5.2%, and the net profit attributable to the company NTD0.9 billion, of EPS NTD1.03. The distribution proposal of cash dividend NTD0.7 per share was thus approved.

  Within the post pandemic era, surrounded by the ever-changing world, corporate competition becomes more intense than ever. The company strives to fulfill its transformation from a prime manufacturer of bulk chemical materials into a corporate with innovative product development, process revamping and business-oriented as focuses. Moreover, thru establishing an open business model via green production and orientation in service, the company integrates customers’ requirements, provides services with superior and differential products to meet the market demand, employing various advanced technologies in the domains of low-carbon and new materials cumulated over the years. Apart from sustaining stable quality and precise market segmentation, the company’s gas business aims at further development of customers in the high-tech industries to increase the products’ added-value. That is to say the incessant innovation of technology, industrial customer development, and diversified transformation shall be the upcoming new normal of the company’s overall operation.

  Accompanied by the relentless development of new products, four sets of new plants shall join the product lines of the company at H2/2022, two of which the polyetheramine(PEA) and ethylenediamine(EDA) plants are developed based on the company’s independent technology covering catalysis, process design and construction, both are currently upon mechanic completion and into the production launch, of a rare development achievement domestically with foreseeable potential. The other new plant, the 2nd plant of ethylene oxide derivatives(EOD-II), provides mainly tailored formulated chemicals, in line with the low-carbon, high-valued differential products, to extend the application domain and keep close to market demand thru its totaled solution services. Additionally, with the CO2 plant of the high-purified quality to be completed in July, the company is enabled to comply with the strict quality demand of downstream electronics and semiconductor customers. The company, being the backbone of the industry, shall undertake its mission and contribute via its tight bond forged with the related domestic industries upon the market launch of its new products.

  For future perspective, the company shall adapt to the industrial trend and operate robustly, targeting 20% carbon reduction and carbon neutrality respectively by 2030 and 2050; and, with honesty and innovation as core, continue pursuing profit and growth based on substantial development and the industrial trend, constantly creating new value for shareholders, customers and employees.

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