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07.2022 Group Briefing

Yuan Ze University signed the "proposal for University sustainability development"

Yuan Ze University / Rao Haowen
        In order to implement the social responsibility of the University, Yuan Ze University will comprehensively promote the work of sustainability development. Ambassador Jian Youxin of the Taiwan Institute for sustainable energy chairman is specially invited to give a speech entitled "challenges and opportunities of University sustainability development", On behalf of President Liao Qingrong of Yuan Ze University, he signed the "University sustainability development proposal" with the Taiwan Institute for sustainable energy, announcing that in the future, the two sides will work together to integrate sustainability development goals into teaching and research, promote campus sustainability development, and expand social influence.

        In view of the global threats to social, economic and environmental development, sustainability development has become the focus of governments in recent years, and it is also the task of the new era of university education. President liaoqingrong believed that in order to strengthen the importance and contribution of Yuan Ze University to university social responsibility and global sustainability development, the University checked and summarized the actions and achievements of teaching, research, service and campus governance according to the 17 "sustainable development goals (sdgs)" issued by the United Nations in 2015, We hope to make more contributions to cross generational sustainability development.

        Moreover, based on the Cooperation Initiative signed this time, Yuan Ze University promised to integrate sustainability development into the medium and long-term planning of school affairs, set up a dedicated unit on the campus, and actively communicate with stakeholders through the regular issuance of University Sustainability Reports.

        President Liao also said that in order to exert social influence, Yuan Ze University continued to promote the usr program to fulfill its social responsibilities, connect with local areas, cultivate excellent talents, and plan to implement the teaching / research chain to achieve the global sustainability development goal. On the aspect of environmental sustainability, energy-saving projects such as ISO 14064-1:2018 greenhouse gas inventory standard, ISO 50001:2018 international verification of energy management system, and setting up "multi-faceted roof solar photovoltaic power generation system" will be carried out to meet the trend.


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