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10.2020 Group Briefing

Pacific SOGO Department Store volunteers protect the ocean by beach cleaning

Pacific SOGO Department Store / Cheng pinjie

        Pacific SOGO Department Store volunteers actively pursue sustainable development and continue to respond to the issue of "sustainable marine ecology" in the United Nations sustainability development goals (SDGs). Recently, it launched the fifth beach cleaning to protect the marine outfall of wetland ecology of Tamsui River in Beidi beach, Bali District, New Taipei city.


        Beidi beach is the largest breeding ground of the Oriental ring necked Plover in Northern Taiwan. In order to retain clean natural resources in this wetland, Pacific SOGO Department Store volunteers worked hard to remove about 20 bags of beach garbage under the leadership of wetland guides, most of which are common domestic wastes, such as PET bottles, food wrapping paper, foamed plastics, plastic bags, etc. each piece of garbage picked up can protect the wetland birds from eating by mistake. After the completion of beach cleaning, under the leadership of publicity experts of “Major National Wetland Conservation Program”, the staff discussed the environmental problems and challenges in the future.


        Pacific SOGO Department Store is concerned about the marine environment. At the same time, it is committed to reducing the waste at source. It encourages people to take environment-friendly tableware, which is expected to jointly reduce marine garbage and maintain precious marine resources.

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