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12.2021 Story

Be a useful person to society from an early age

Far eastern New Century Corporation / Li Yujun
        I always believe that it is not necessary to be rich and successful in order to give back to the village. If you can share your surplus with others, you will contribute to the society.

        One day, my little nephew, who was still babbling, suddenly said to me, "I want to be useful to society when I grow up". I think this sentence should be heard from some preschool education textbook? I smiled and asked him, "what do you want to do to help grandma (Society) Of course, the three - and four-year-old baby is still very ignorant of words such as "society" and "useful". Naturally, I can't give a clear answer. I immediately shared my experience with him.

        COVID-19 has affected many people's life style, even the blood donation has been reduced. Occasionally, in the media, the blood shortage situation was known everywhere, so the idea of blood donation was adorable.

        When I first arrived at the blood donation station of Zhubei love building, the vast space and neat blood donation seats made me feel very comfortable. In addition, the nurses who assisted in blood donation were very kind, and I had a good experience in the blood donation process, so I would donate blood irregularly whenever I had time.

        Compared with whole blood donation, blood donation and separation (platelets) takes a long time on the blood separator, so few people can discharge the time. I occasionally had the opportunity to talk with the head nurse and nurse. It turns out that in addition to irregular blood donors like me, there are a group of platelet blood donors in Hsinchu area who cooperate with their blood scheduling.

        Since the shelf life of platelets is only five days, it is particularly important to dispatch platelet donors and the amount of blood donated. In addition to handling blood donation, the head nurse also has to set aside time to contact, arrange and calculate the amount of platelet blood donated on that day, so that these blood donors can donate blood at the right time. Originally, blood donation was just free and kind-hearted, but in the spirit of "doing more and helping each other", the amount of platelets in Hsinchu is not scarce. Because these blood donors have had good interaction with the blood donation nursing station for a long time, people often come to share with their own pastries and pasta and let them sit there Two hours of blood donation and separation has become an interesting and good thing to interact with people regularly.

        That day, I took the biscuits and drinks from the blood donation station to my nephew and told him, "when you grow up healthily, you can donate blood like your uncle. Sharing health is to be a useful person to the society."


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