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12.2021 Office Talk

Importance of first-party data -- TA outline is clearer

Ding & Ding management consultants joint marketing iconnect / Li Shujun
        Happy go Ding & Ding management consultants jointly established iconnect smart data marketing brand in 2015. Starting from the real name data of happy go member cardholder, it has calculus insight into consumption data, behavior data and attitude intention data, and accurately grasp consumers with all-round data context. With the first-party data source, it can find the target customer group for the brand and become the best bridge between the brand and customers. Iconnect recently participated in the data key series online discussion hosted by clickforce to share how to cope with the digital (data) solution after cookieless, which can also be used as a reference for enterprises to deliver digital advertisements in the future.

        With the evolution of the times, the way of advertising has evolved from mass communication, Internet marketing, digital marketing and data marketing to high-profile technology marketing in the past two years. Brand owners focus on how to attract consumers' attention. Especially when consumer information is exploding day by day, consumers' choices are more diversified. In order to be seen by consumers in the hands of many competitors, Tracking and marketing through the Internet has become the main method of operating digital advertising.

        In the Internet world, the digital advertisements put by brand owners through third-party cookies can not only obtain satisfactory conversion figures by optimizing advertising benefits, but also know the outline of the audience on the Internet and the behavior appearance of what they are interested in. However, in recent years, people have begun to pay attention to the protection of privacy. Not long ago, Apple released the privacy policy of ios14, and Google is about to cancel cookies. For brand advertisers, it is tantamount to cutting off the weapon of tracking and analyzing consumers. The efficiency of digital advertising may be impacted, resulting in a significant increase in customer acquisition costs.

        From the point of view of iconnect, the disappearance of cookies is a crisis or a turnaround, which can enable brand customers to re face the importance of first-party data and start another new game. To cope with the brand, we must first establish our own first-party data fortress. In fact, some brands have begun to build their own consumption data and member management, That is, the CDP that has been very strong in the past two years (customer data platform) is a customer data platform to collect online / offline buyer information, analyze the data and find out effective marketing strategies. However, consumer behavior is constantly changing, especially the consumption ability and consumption preference are not constant. If the consumer group is constructed only from the perspective of the data collected from the brand, it may not fully represent the whole picture of consumers.

        For example, when a light mature woman bought maintenance products, the brand owner only knew how much makeup water the consumer had bought, but did not know that she was a lady with high consumption power; Another young mature woman bought children's toys, and the brand owner could not know whether she was her mother? Or a simple gift giving aunt. It can be seen that the key to understanding the overall picture of consumers lies in how broad the data perspective is. After all, the resources and power of a single brand are limited. Only through a multi-dimensional data perspective can we find those ignored hidden signals and even behavioral associations.

        Iconnect is a smart data marketing brand under happy go. It has nearly ten million cardholders under the real name system. The types of data range from food, clothing, housing, transportation, education and music to the transportation and financial industry. In addition to the huge cross industry consumption footprint data database, it also contains the dimensions of consumption data, behavior data and attitude data, which can be used without violating the personal information law, Through the way of data convergence, assist brand owners to open a comprehensive perspective, and use integrated data marketing solutions to help brands more comprehensively and completely grasp the outline of consumers, bring more new customers or arouse sleepers, and become a strong second-party data partner of the brand.

        For example, iconnect has recently helped to improve the marketing efficiency of the bed and bedroom brand with cabinets in the department store channel. Generally, the use cycle of high-priced bed and bedroom is long, and the purchase threshold is relatively high due to the high unit price. In the past, most of the brand relied on good reputation and the flow of people in department stores to use CRM to let old customers buy back or wait for passers-by. However, in the face of developed information and highly competitive market, there is an urgent need for digital transformation and finding new customers. Iconnect first transfers the brand's membership information to the data system for audience analysis, and then analyzes the cross industry consumption profile and consumption habits of these members through system calculus, so as to expand the high potential customers looking for high-priced beds and bedrooms, lock in the consumption group of department stores, and label the audience of high-priced related industries such as real estate, financial management, fashion products, automobile watches, etc, Combined with the high potential customer group for customized focus, finally de identification, packaging and throwing to FB and Google platforms for digital advertising. Two consecutive important department stores helped the brand promote the purchase of more than 70% of new customers. More importantly, from the analysis of the data, it is found that the consumption profile of buyers on Mother's day and anniversary is completely different, and the depth of pockets and shopping habits are also different. If the brand can inject more customized elements into its marketing strategy in the future, it can operate consumers more comprehensively.

        More than 10 years ago, perhaps you never thought that houses and cars could be shared with others. Perhaps in the near future, the sharing and sharing of brand owned data will become a new normal. Through brand data integration, we will fight a team war of CO creation and win-win.


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