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05.2022 Welfare

10% off pre order! Tainan Far Eastern Group Shangri La launched two kinds of dumpling gift bags

Tainan Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel / Bu Yiyun
        To welcome the Dragon Boat Festival, the Far Eastern Group Shangri La Hotel in Tainan strictly selected sea and land ingredients, and presented two gift bags of "classic Zong Yi" and "luxury Zong Qing". The former includes one red wine and one beef cheek Zong, one triptolide Zong, one purple rice lotus seed Zong, and two Tainan traditional Zong. Each bag costs ntd1188 yuan; The latter includes abalone tiger shrimp seafood dumplings, sesame oil Matsuzaka pig dumplings, purple rice lotus seed dumplings, and two bamboo shoots, snow vegetables and duck silk dumplings. Each bag costs ntd1588 yuan. It is the first choice to deliver blessings. This year, we continue the concept of environmental protection, and design exquisite and practical cold and heat preservation bags. They are mainly in "classic red" color and matched with rich and noble gilded peony flowers. They are light and eye-catching, integrating tradition and creativity.

        The seafood of Dalian zonghu, glutinous rice, etc. is about 300 grams of sea cucumber and glutinous shrimp, and each serving is about 300 grams of sea cucumber and glutinous rice; Consumers who like roast duck can't miss the Jiangsu and Zhejiang flavor "shredded bamboo shoots and sauteed duck dumplings" (about 200g / piece). Yilan cherry duck is smoked and added with rich ingredients such as mushrooms, shredded bamboo shoots and Shanghai old sauerkraut. It has charming flavor and strong aroma, which makes people move their fingers; The innovative "red wine and beef cheek zongzi" (about 300g / piece) of the integration of China and the west is fragrant. The master selects only two pieces of precious cheek meat of a cow, carefully simmers it with red wine sauce, and then adds red garlic and white glutinous rice fried with shrimp. The soft and juicy meat is intertwined with fragrant Q glutinous rice, which is unforgettable when you eat it; There is also the new desktop "sesame oil songban pig zongzi" (about 200g / piece), which strictly selects the tender, crisp and fat rich pork neck meat, matches with the white glutinous rice adsorbing the unique aroma of sesame oil, as well as rich fillings such as mushroom, salted egg yolk and red onion to nourish and warm the stomach.

        In recent years, the awareness of health and environmental protection has increased. The "tripe vegetarian zongzi" (about 200g / piece), which takes into account both delicious and healthy, is definitely the first choice for vegetarians. It contains a variety of health-care ingredients, such as tripe mushroom, Baihe lotus seed, Guanmiao green bamboo shoot, apricot abalone mushroom, Lentinus edodes, and white glutinous rice fried with black sesame oil. The fragrance reverberates on the lips, teeth and tongue. It is a light and luxurious beautiful zongzi; There are also sweet but not greasy "Purple Rice lotus seed zongzi" (about 180g / piece), combined with the fragrance of purple rice and round glutinous rice, with red bean stuffing and Baihe lotus seeds, to enjoy delicious and burden free. In addition, Fucheng's authentic "Tainan traditional zongzi" wraps white glutinous rice, lean meat, peanuts, chestnuts, egg yolks and mushrooms in bamboo leaves to perfectly reproduce the classic delicacy.

        From now on to May 8, you can enjoy a 10% discount for advance purchase and another discount for bulk order. If you buy more than 30 bags at a time, you can enjoy the single address home delivery service. The delivery date is from May 11 to June 3. You need to book three days in advance. The ordering line is: (06) 702-8856. Hotel Address: No. 89, west section of University Road, East District, Tainan City. Official website:


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