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12.2021 Honor

Integrating online and offline channels, Pacific SOGO Department Store won the "pilot innovation award"

Pacific SOGO Department Store / Li Xiuji
        The "fourth online intersection monument star" organized by the "dailyview network thermometer" data website, from the accumulated more than 2.8 billion data, according to the network volume, positive and negative evaluation, including the comprehensive ranking of location comments, APP comment number and star score, awarded the "strategic Excellence Award" and "pilot Innovation Award" to 28 enterprises respectively. Pacific SOGO Department store has become the only department store to win the "pilot innovation award" this year with superior digital performance.

        The analysis network review of dailyview network thermometer pointed out that in the face of the decline in the number of visitors and bag carrying rate of the epidemic, Pacific SOGO Department Store fully demonstrated the comprehensive efficiency of the group, accumulated complete customer consumption data through happy go card for many years, clearly grasped the consumption journey of customers through CRM data analysis, and then optimized the self operated e-commerce SOGO iStore through the development of Omo response strategies, Expand cooperation with far EasTone telecommunications Friday shopping platform, launch "all Taiwan free distribution service", and actively develop "digital marketing" and "all channel platform" to meet customers' needs.

        Yang Zhengxian, deputy president of Pacific SOGO Department store, attended the award ceremony on October 27, especially sharing the latest data. IStore's latest performance increased by 10 times compared with the same period last year, indicating that its customers are younger. He stressed that Pacific SOGO Department store will move forward with this honor: "the road of innovation will never stop. The mission of Pacific SOGO Department Store is to provide happiness for all."


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