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12.2021 Editor

2022 Far Eastern magazine draft solicitation train starts

Far eastern New Century Corporation / Li Jiazhen
        2021 is coming to an end, and all walks of life are gradually recovering from the impact of covid-19, turning over more opportunities and appearances. In the new year, with the resilience and enthusiasm of rebirth after the epidemic, we will continue to move towards the goal of "transmitting industrial pulse, integrating group resources and providing colleagues with all-round information". We look forward to you walking around the vibrant far eastern group with us and showing unlimited creativity!

        * LOHAS staff: have you ever faced any unforgettable events or emergencies in your work? Do you have a unique philosophy about the law of office survival? We look forward to your report in the columns of "colleagues' work experience" and "required credits for office workers" in this unit!

        * life information: do you know any scenic spots worth introducing around? Do you have any unforgettable family food? In this unit, "gourmet column" and "tourism network" strongly solicit gourmet and tourism experts in the group to share rich life experience.

        * exciting moment: every mood and turning point in the journey of life are precious. This pure land is a secret garden for collecting your and my mood. No matter novels, essays, travel notes, parent-child education experience... I hope you can bake our beautiful memories together.

        Notes for submission:

        1. Contributions are welcome, but contributors should respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not copy or rewrite others' works. If you quote other people's works, you should indicate the source, and please pay attention to the provisions of copyright law and other relevant laws.

        2. Please indicate the unit, name and contact information of the contributor in order to send the remuneration; If it needs to be published under a pseudonym, please also indicate otherwise. If the manuscript is adopted, the editorial room reserves the right to delete and revise it. The contributor is requested to keep the final manuscript without rejection.

        3. After the publication of the manuscript, the property right of the manuscript shall be owned by far eastern New Century Corporation, and the contributor shall not exercise the personality right of the manuscript. No reprint or contribution is allowed without the written consent of this journal.

        3. Remuneration calculation standard: 500 yuan for "Far Eastern lecture" (monthly theme solicitation), 0.5 yuan for Taiwan and 0.8 yuan for overseas.

        Please send your contribution to "Far Eastern magazine editorial room", 36 / F, 207, Section 2, Dunhua South Road, Taipei, or fax: (02) 2736-9934 or e-mail to , if you have any other related questions, please call: (02) 2733-8000 extension 8549, 8556


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