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11.2021 Editor

Thanks for you, our future is more wonderful - thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the "2021 reader survey"

Far eastern magazine / Li Jiazhen
        In order to produce rich content to give back to all readers who love the monthly magazine, the editorial room held the "reader questionnaire" activity from September 1 to September 20. A total of 107 affiliated enterprise colleagues participated in the activity, and 7525 questionnaires were recovered, a record high over the years. We not only sent a lot of warm encouragement, but also provided a lot of valuable suggestions. For example, some readers have responded and hope to expand the coverage and provide more diversified information; It was also suggested that the paper-based monthly magazine should enlarge the font to improve reading comfort; In the future, the editorial room will not only continue to optimize the layout, but also include new topics such as travel, family, international current affairs and industrial trends, and strengthen relevant reports on overseas enterprises to provide a richer reading experience. At the same time, it cooperates with relevant enterprises from time to time to improve the quality and quantity of "award and answer" awards.

        In addition, some new colleagues did not know how to obtain the monthly magazine; In fact, in order to provide more convenient reading methods, in addition to the traditional paper monthly magazine, the editorial room has also successively launched four electronic versions, such as "e-magazine", "e-weekly", "official website" and "app". Among them, "e-magazine" is published on the first day of each month. The content is the PDF version of the paper publication, which can be downloaded and read offline; "Electronic newspaper" is published every Monday, focusing on the latest developments and preferential schemes of affiliated enterprise of the group in that week, which is the most immediate; The "monthly official website" is a collection of the contents of "paper monthly" and "electronic newspaper". The text or audio-visual content that could not be reported in detail due to the limitations of paper layout can present the most complete information on the "monthly official website". In the near future, AI voice reading will be launched to liberate your hands and eyes and extend the use scene. As long as it is on the "monthly official website" Subscribe to e-newspaper. In the future, each issue of "e-newspaper" and "e-magazine" will be sent directly to your mailbox to facilitate colleagues to master first-hand group information. In addition, in view of the increasing popularity of mobile devices, the monthly magazine has also launched the "app" version. In addition to the original publication content, it also has an English learning mode. At the same time, it also collects external media reports related to the group, so that you can easily "bag" the big and small affairs of the group! At present, the app stores that have been put on the Android platform (such as Google play, Huawei... Etc.) will continue to work hard in the future and hope to meet you on the IOS platform as soon as possible.

        The monthly magazine is not only more and more digital, but also continues to move towards internationalization. The above four electronic versions are available in complex / simplified languages. The official website of the monthly, e-newspaper and app also provide English languages. No matter what kind of text you are used to reading, what kind of vehicle you like to use and what reading frequency you want to use, you can find the most suitable version here!

        The following are the lucky winners of this event. They each received a four in one gift certificate of 500 yuan from far eastern group (the mainland will be exchanged for equivalent cash). Congratulations!


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